Cedrico Norway are committed to provide transparency when producing our jackets - including ethical sourcing and responsible use of wool, fur, leather and down fill. Rabbit, raccoon, shearling lamb and leather are part of our collection and comes from strictly controlled and certified suppliers in Asia, Australia and Europe. 

The certification criteria for a fur farm are animal health and welfare, housing conditions, feeding, breeding and environmental protection. Our manufactures support the Corporate Social Responsibility. 



Cedrico Norway use ethically hunted wild fur of raccoon lived in their natural environment and farm bred fur from certified suppliers. It is well known that the raccoon, originating from eastern Asia, are a menace, threatening wildlife across Europe. A large number of raccoons has to be hunted in order to control raccoon populations and to maintain a balanced eco system. 

Certified suppliers and hunters in Europe and Asia prevent the hunted furs from being thrown away as waste. 

Additionally we would like to mention that meat from bred and wild hunted raccoon is eaten by many families living in poor rural areas in China. Raccoon meat used in cooking is also associated with other continents, AOT in certain regions of the American South.


Cedrico Norway certify that all down used in our production only comes as a by-product from the poultry industry.

The birds have never been live plucked or force fed. 

Our high-quality down exceeds international cleanliness standard.