Norwegian fashion brand founded in 2011 by designer Marius Schou Johannessen.
At Cedrico we focus on manufacturing high quality jackets with style, comfort and functionality.

Ever since the age of the Vikings, the people of the North have looked to Mother Nature herself in facing the cold Nordic climate. Today we still live by these principles. Providing warmth and protection in inclement weather doesn’t have to be at the expense of style. Whether you choose the streets or nature’s catwalk, our jackets are designed to meet the demands of both the raw wilderness and modern city life.

Our design team consists of several designers with many years of experience, who are constantly inspired by the Norwegian people, nature and heritage, and work towards providing new and innovative ways to manufacture Cedrico products at the highest quality level.

The classic elegance shapes the posture towards perfection, and it is impressing how something so simple as comfort can sculpt the wellness of the bearer.

A new direction
From a northern perspective


Cedrico use ethically hunted wild fur of racoon living in their natural environment and farm bred fur from certified suppliers.

It is well known that the racoon originating from eastern Asia is a menace, threatening wildlife across Europe.
A large number of racoons has to be hunted in order to control racoon populations and to maintain a balanced eco system. Certified suppliers and hunters in Europe and Asia prevent the hunted furs from being thrown away as waste.

On every single Cedrico jacket sold starting from AW18 the "ethical fur policy" above is attached on a separate hangtag.

Gloves and slippers from the accessories collection is made from 100% Australian lamb, and is mulesing free. 


We recommend dry cleaning only for all Cedrico jackets.

When jackets are not being used (f.ex. during the summer) we recommend that they are stored in a dry space, without direct exposure to sunlight to prevent the fabric from fading. Store your Cedrico jacket in the plastic garment bag it came in, or in a a textile garment bag.


Despite Cedrico being quite a young brand, there are unfortunately some counterfeiters out there.
We are continously working to stop fake websites, to protect both the brand and the consumers - but unfortunately new sites tend to pop up in its place.
Counterfeit products can be dangerous as the origin of the products is unknown, and the fabric may have been treated with toxic substances.
Also, purchasing counterfeit products can contribute to illegal activites such as organized crime or child labor.

Cedrico can only vouch for the retailers listed under "stores" on our website, and the only official Cedrico website is the one you´re visiting right now.

If you come across a website that looks suspicios, please let us know by sending us an e-mail.